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Major Door Security Mistakes to Avoid

Major Door Security Mistakes to Avoid
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It is wrong to think that a burglar alarm or another type of advanced security system can make up for the lack of proper door security. If a burglar can get inside the property easily, he can steal a number of things and disappear before the police come. You must never underestimate the importance of door security. Check out the most commonly made mistakes that have to do with doors and door locksets and discover effective methods for avoiding them.

Ensuring High Protection

Major Door Security Mistakes to AvoidIt is certainly a bad thing to have a flimsy door which is in poor condition. In such cases, the burglar may go through it with just one push without even paying attention to the lock. That is why it is always best to invest in a sufficiently thick and strong front door. Steel is a fine choice and so are UPVC and solid wood. You should stay away from units with decorative windows.

It is equally important that you provide full maintenance as per the instructions of the manufacturer. If there is something wrong with the hinges, for instance, the door can get detached from the frame and this can cause damage to the locking and device and to the strike plate. In this case, lock replacement may be required for resolving the problem.

Another huge mistake is to get a locking device of poor quality. You must ensure that you have only British standard locks fitted on the doors of your property. The higher their star rating the better it is. When you purchase a locking device, you have to pay close attention to its strength and to its resistance to snapping, picking and other techniques that are commonly used by burglars.

DIY lock installation is also a major mistake that you must never make. Even though the instructions appear to be clear and the job seems easy, there are a lot of things that you can do wrong. These will inevitably result in poor door security. In some cases, they can lead to lock damage and pose the need for urgent repair or replacement. If the strike plate is not properly aligned with the lockset, for example, the latch or bolt can hit it and damage the metal instead of going into the hole.

Procrastination when it comes to lock rekey or change is something really bad for the security of your property. One of these steps must be taken immediately in case of lost keys. Otherwise, the premises will be directly accessible for the person who has them. If the locking device is outdated, you must not delay its replacement.

When all exterior doors are properly secured, the risk of a break-in will be reduced to the lowest minimum.

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