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Weak Entry Points in Your Home

Weak Entry Points in Your Home
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Living in a safe neighbourhood for a time might just make you become complacent about home security. This poses danger to your life or property if bad people notice your house as an easy target. This is why it is important to know the weak entry points in your home and reinforce them against potential thieves.

What to Do?

Weak Entry Points in Your HomeBurglars often check the front door since some owners sometimes forget to lock doors behind them, especially if they have come from a long day at the office or have been carrying things such as groceries. What you can do is to ask a reliable locksmith for a deadbolt installation to enhance security provided by the existing door knob. And if you have a cylinder lock, there are metal guard plates and rings that can be installed.  A skilled locksmith from “Locksmith Kingston upon Thames” can help you in this aspect. He can also assist you in choosing the right product that will go well with your door design and security level preference. Some houses have a door that connects the garage to the house. If you have this at home, it is best to keep it secure to spare yourself the frustration of a break in. If it still does not have a lock that can keep intruders away, you might want to consider a new lock installation. A deadbolt is the right choice for your service door. Garages that are not secure are easier for burglars to access. Moreover, these are areas where tools are located – tools that can be used by thieves to pry open the door or windows. See to it that your toolboxes have locks as well as the windows if there are any.

Burglars also try to enter houses through unlocked windows and those types which do not have locks at all. If the windows of your house are unguarded or not secure, you can have window locks installed. Depending on the type of windows you have, locks can range from padlocks to sliding window locks. If you have visible window locks, potential intruders will be reluctant to smash the glass since they know this can create a lot of noise. By using locking mechanisms, you can deter thieves. Another weak entry point in the home is this small door for your furry friend. Especially if it is located in the door, a thief can easily reach for the door knob with his arm through the pet door. What you need to do is to ensure that it is always kept locked at night and that you reinforce it by using a high quality lock to make it difficult for a would-be intruder to use as a point of entry. There are several types of padlocks that come in a variety of sizes. You can also choose between the types that use a key or a combination.

By knowing the vulnerable entry points of your house, you can apply ways to reinforce them and consequently deter burglars.

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